How do You Find a Notary?

A notary public is authorized to, among other things, officially witness signatures on legal documents. This authorization is granted at the state level in the United States. As such, the exact rules vary from state to state as to who can be a notary, but here are some general categories.

Attornies, Court Reporters, and other Legal Professionals

Since attornies are heavily involved in the handling of legal documents, they are often also authorized notaries. Most law firms should have at least one notary public on their payroll.

Bankers and Loan Officers

Bank employees frequently deal with the signing of mortgages and other legal contracts. Therefore they usually have at least one notary public on staff.

Professional Notaries

There are other notaries who notarize documents for a living. They charge a fee for this service. Some of them will travel to your location to notarize a document.

Online Notarization

It is now possible to get documents notarized online. Identification and documents can be uploaded online and the notary examines and stamps the documents, which are returned to the signor.