Where to Get a Signature Guarantee

There are many signature guarantee locations for getting documents signatures verified.  Stock transfers, account changes, and other sensitive securities transactions often require this credential for processing.  Notaries can be found in many places, such as banks, credit unions, government offices, human resources departments, and even schools.  Obtaining a signature guarantee, however, is a bit more difficult.  Since it is a more stringent designation, it is less common.  Usually you can only get a signature guarantee at a brokerage house or a bank.

It is common practice to receive a signature guarantee at the institution that initiates the transaction.  For instance, a stock transfer from Bank A to Bank B would require the account holder(s) to sign a document with Bank A, authorizing the transfer to Bank B.  Bank A would typically provide a medallion signature guarantee stamp.  This minimizes the liability on Bank B in the event of fraud.

In the above example, if Bank A is unable or unwilling to offer a signature guarantee, the account owner(s) can approach another bank or brokerage house at which he is a current customer.  Usually the service will come at no cost if the person requesting the signature guarantee does business with the institution.

If you are unsure about the signature verification requirements of your document, read about signature guarantee vs. notary public.  There are several key differences between the two. 

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